St Lawrence Heritage Trust does Countdown

The St Lawrence Friends Heritage Trust is delighted to host an evening of Countdown on Saturday 16th January. In classic fashion, there will be letters rounds, numbers rounds and even conundrums into which to get stuck.

We are incredibly fortunate that one of our brightest supporters, Steve Evans, has developed a computer simulation that enables realistic gameplay and scoring.

Our very own “University Challenge” and Daily Telegraph local (very, very minor) ‘celebrity’ and Executive Committee member, Dominic Witherow, has agreed to host on our behalf.

There will be no entry fee but we would welcome voluntary donations to the Heritage Trust Paypal Giving account, the link to which can be found on your ticket, once you have registered (KEEP SCROLLING FOR THE ACTUAL REGISTRATION FORM).

Please do register (order a ticket – only 1 needed per household), so we can send you the appropriate link and we do have a limit, due to technology!